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Top Creations and Innovations by Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs dies at the age of 56, a day after the “Let’s Talk iPhone” event in Cupertino, California. As the unveiling of the iPhone 4S has been done, many have remembered him as he was the person behind MacBooks, Time Machines, Mac PCs, OSX systems, and even the iPhone, iPad, and the iPod, which we all came to love and live with. However, with such a brilliant mind creating a masterpiece called Apple, what other things did he create that is considered the best of his masterpieces ever.

10. USB Power Adapter
10. USB Power Adapter Top 10 Creations and Innovations by Steve Jobs

If you think that this was just another thing to pass by, you need to think again. Yup, it was not the Chinese that made this thing to light. In order for the iPod to be charged and connected to the computer on different instances, just in case a computer is absent, Steve Jobs made an adapter that can have the same charging function of a PC.

9. NeXT Computer
9. NeXT Computer Top 10 Creations and Innovations by Steve Jobs

When Steve Jobs left Apple in 1985, he had created his own computer empire to show Apple that he can live without the company that ditched him. As founder and CEO of NeXT, he was able to create a computer line in 1988 and a smaller version in 1990. When Jobs came back to Apple, he purchased NeXT in December 1996 for $429 million, for the sake of expanding the OSX line with NeXT’s OpenStep system.

8. Pixar Animation Studios
8. Pixar Animation Studios Top 10 Creations and Innovations by Steve Jobs

Before Steve Jobs bought the company and made it into his own, it was known as Lucasfilm. Yup, the same group that was behind the stunning graphics being used in Star Wars movies and other Sci-Fi movies like Star Trek. He purchased the company, before with 45 CG experts, for $5 million to George Lucas, and another $5 million for the working capital. Pixar was born when Jobs left Apple in 1986.

7. Macintosh
7. Macintosh Top 10 Creations and Innovations by Steve Jobs

First created in January 24, 1984, it was the first of the line of computers to be developed and sold by Apple. It was the computer that pioneered the path to what is being adapted in the modern day, operated by a mouse and using graphics user interface instead of a command line interface that is found in MS-DOS. Right now, we are enjoying iMacs and MacBooks coming from the early masterpiece.

6. iTunes Music Store
6. iTunes Music Store Top 10 Creations and Innovations by Steve Jobs

Thanks to his concern to music artists and other musicians, Steve Jobs made a way for customers to enjoy their downloaded music while assuring that artists are paid for the music they made. The iTunes store sold music for $0.99 each and has a complex security system that cannot be hacked for stealing music.

5. Mac OSX
5. Mac OSX Top 10 Creations and Innovations by Steve Jobs

The reign of Apple’s powerful computer operating system was developed greatly, thanks to the OpenStep system found in NeXTSTEP, as Steve Jobs created the company when he left Apple in 1985. The existing Mac was combined with a different system, making the Mac OS adaptable to home and professional use. Everyone may have heard “Rhapsody” which was the name of the Mac OSX before it was launched for public purchase.

4. iPod
4. iPod Top 10 Creations and Innovations by Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs had changed the game once more when he considered people who have been enjoying the life of portable music while not worrying the weight and size of what they carry. The iPod has been designed as an inspiration for those people who cannot live without their bulky walkman or CD player.

3. iPad
3. iPad Top 10 Creations and Innovations by Steve Jobs

A device that gave birth to other tablet computers and other portable tab devices like the Samsung Galaxy Tab or the BlackBerry Playbook. Steve Jobs was at it again, innovating something new that others find hard to imitate. He made the iPhone grow bigger and become better.

2. iPhone
2. iPhone Top 10 Creations and Innovations by Steve Jobs

One of the best toys to be ever enjoyed by both kids and adults alike is the iPhone. When it was first introduced in January 9, 2007, the whole world was shaken with a game changer in mobile phone technology. It had brought internet and gaming in a whole new level. It is, and it may be the best portable mobile device to do pretty much of everything from video, to audio, to gaming, and even social networking.

1. Apple
1. Apple Top 10 Creations and Innovations by Steve Jobs

Who could believe that one of the world’s greatest computer empires had started from a home garage way back in April 1, 1976, with only three people doing all of the dirty work? The partnerships of Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne gave way to the development of a huge compute company. Back then, the computer was handmade and the innovation just kept going better and better. Homes, businesses, and the corporate world have seen the developments as revolutionary and amazing. Right now, it still rocks with the latest gadgets and other technologies that others find challenging to mimic or overthrow.


New Features Introduced in Apple iOS 5

Another highlight that has been discussed on this year’s Apple event is the iOS5, the newest mobile system that would shake the upcoming Android Ice Cream Sandwich or the Windows Mobile 7.5 Mango. With a new system comes the latest support and innovation applied on various devices such as the iPhone, iPod Touch, and the iPad. Without further adieu, let us check the latest updates on the newest features of the iOS 5.

ios 5 10 New Features Introduced in Apple iOS 5

10. Reminders
10. Reminders 10 New Features Introduced in Apple iOS 5
Reminders have used to be done in a chronological order only, relying on what you have jotted down previously. The new OS has changed this way of thinking by having reminders be notified and reminded not just by time but also by place, with the use of GPS for instances where you are in a location and your reminders beep you of what you need to accomplish in that specific place. With iCloud, the reminders can also be accessed through different Apple devices.

9. iMessage
9. iMessage 10 New Features Introduced in Apple iOS 5

You may have been too attached with MMS despite of feeling that this may be too costly for your service and data plans. However, the iOS5 is willing to take that thought off, as the system introduces the iMessage service. With this activated, you can send text messages, pictures, videos, and other files not only on your other Apple devices, but to everyone who has the said devices activated, without the charge. You can even have it done with just one person or with a whole group.

8. Notification Center
8. Notification Center 10 New Features Introduced in Apple iOS 5

Pushing the screen downward is the usual way of reading notifications from other sources or apps. With the new and improved notifications center, you can read everything in one part of the device, where it minimizes disturbance and interruption. Or if you want, you can even choose what notifications appear on that upper section, even when locked.

7. Newsstand
7. Newsstand 10 New Features Introduced in Apple iOS 5

This is a new addition to the app lineup. You no longer need to go to a magazine store just to read your latest magazines and other reading materials, even the daily newspaper. Yes, the Newsstand has everything you read and receive publications from. When you purchase a new subscription, it will be sent to your newsstand. When you receive new issues, it will be updated with the respective cover, just like the real thing.

6. Twitter Integration
6. Twitter Integration 10 New Features Introduced in Apple iOS 5

No matter what you do, there will come a time that you may think of tweeting it and sharing it to people you know. If that moment comes and you are using an iOS5-enabled device, it would be easy to satiate your twitter finger hunger as you can include photos and other tweets at any application. With just one login, you can keep your tweets active on any application, whether you are surfing the net, using your camera, and even playing YouTube.

5. Safari
5. Safari 10 New Features Introduced in Apple iOS 5

The Safari has been projecting website pages in an orderly and organized manner, with speed and performance to match. With the new iOS5 in the works, you can now save the reading list, or websites you are reading, and have it pulled up in any iOS5-supported devices such as the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch. You can save it for now and read it later as it gets stored on the cloud.

4. Photos
4. Photos 10 New Features Introduced in Apple iOS 5

You may have been living in an era when you needed to have your photos transferred to PC in order to edit, crop, and do other changes on your taken pictures with the embedded phone camera. All of these have changed with the new OS with apps that can crop, rotate, and improve red-eye reduction being done on the device.

3. Camera
3. Camera 10 New Features Introduced in Apple iOS 5

Taking the most natural and realistic shots are done in occasions where you are not prepared. With this need, the camera feature included in the iOS5 made the operation even faster than before. In fact, among all the smartphones existing in the market, it has been proven that the camera can activate in 1.1 seconds and 0.5 seconds upon taking things picture after picture, the fastest in the market.

2. Devices Free from PC Connection
2. Devices Free from PC Connection 10 New Features Introduced in Apple iOS 5

You no longer need to have that USB cable ready whenever you need to move and modify some files on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch. With iOS5, almost all operations that are supposed to be done with PC or MacBook connections have been done away. You can now download apps to your device, edit photos, videos, and other files on the same device with no need to have it tied with a PC or laptop.

1. Ease of Update
1. Ease of Update 10 New Features Introduced in Apple iOS 5
If you think that it would cost you additional money in upgrading your existing OS to iOS5, think again. Yup, you do not need to spend another dime for an update. All you need to do is to access iTunes, have the device connected to the unit, and just follow the instructions. Simple and neat!


10 New Features in Apple iPhone 4S

10. Unique Messaging System
10. Unique Messaging System 10 New Features in Apple iPhone 4S
It can be challenging to get across other devices without the help of WiFi, especially when you are trying to exchange texts, photos, and videos. However, with the new iMessage, sending these items can be integrated with all iOS5 devices, whether it may be the iPhone, the iPod Touch, or the iPad.

9. Bigger Internal Storage Space
9. Bigger Internal Storage Space 10 New Features in Apple iPhone 4S

We have seen so many smartphones that have been staying on the 8GB, 16GB, and 32GB mark, whether it may be Android phones or Windows Mobile. However, it is a rare feat for a phone to have an internal 64GB storage, and this is the latest and largest space available on the newest iPhone.

8. Promising Battery Performance
8. Promising Battery Performance 10 New Features in Apple iPhone 4S

There were projections that the iPhone 4S battery may be on the 1420+ mAh range. Compared to the iPhone 4, it may be a bit lower on standby time and consistent WiFi, but this is all because of a more powerful dual core processor and other demanding specs. However, it still stands out on usage time with 40 hours of nonstop audio or 10 hours continuous video playback.

7. Improved Video Recording
7. Improved Video Recording 10 New Features in Apple iPhone 4S

The 8MP rear camera now has the ability to record 1080p HD video quality. But unlike its competition, the iPhone 4S stands out with a new video image stabilization feature, which helps mobile video enthusiasts to get color rich and sharper videos. It also incorporates sensitivity, sharpness, and the ability to take videos on lower light conditions.

6. Better Performing Camera
6. Better Performing Camera 10 New Features in Apple iPhone 4S

8 megapixels is all there is to it, as it can be compared with other models. However, what makes the iPhone 4S unique in this aspect is that the pixilation is 60% higher than most models. With a larger f/2.4 aperture and an advanced hybrid IR filter, crispier, sharper, and more accurate images are now possible. With the newest processor, being used on the iPhone 4S; camera preparation time has been shortened down to 1.1 seconds, while shot after shot time delay is only 0.5 seconds, the fastest being found against any other smartphone.

5. Multiple Cellular Network Reach
5. Multiple Cellular Network Reach 10 New Features in Apple iPhone 4S

We have seen the iPhone 4 have two variants to accommodate various markets that have different network connections. Particularly catering to GSM and CDMA networks that are only available in certain parts of the world, the iPhone 4S creates the “world phone” by having multiple network support through antenna data interchange that reacts to both networks, no matter when in the world you are physically located.

4. Adaptation of a Cloud Service
4. Adaptation of a Cloud Service 10 New Features in Apple iPhone 4S

Imagine storing your videos, photos, music, and even other files in a storage that is far away from your computer. This is the latest in storage technology, being provided free by Apple through the utilization of the iCloud. Yes, it can connect not only with the iPhone 4S, but with every Apple device out there: iPod Touch, iPad, MacBook, or Mac PC.

3. Boosted by a More Efficient Operating System
3. Boosted by a More Efficient Operating System 10 New Features in Apple iPhone 4S

Everything that has been mentioned so far all contributes to one system that binds them all. From interfaces to menus, and even other device operations, everything relies on the power of the iOS5. iCloud optimization is just one of the many things that can be operated and controlled by the new mobile phone OS as there are over 200 features that will be utilized for the best mobile experience.

2. An Advanced Voice Recognition Service
2. An Advanced Voice Recognition Service 10 New Features in Apple iPhone 4S

One of the most promising features that the new iPhone 4S carries is its advanced voice recognition service in the name of Siri. Somehow opposite to “Iris”, this program does not only operate and open applications by mentioning the exact understood words, Siri goes beyond to understanding even conversational English. You can ask it questions and it can do almost everything from posting reminders to fetching actual and real time information with GPS and apps.

1. More Powerful Processor
1. More Powerful Processor 10 New Features in Apple iPhone 4S

The trend of smartphones these days have everything to do with speed and performance output. RAM, GPUs, and ROM are just a few of the supporting elements, but everything relies on the speed of the processor. For the iPhone 4S, it carries a reliable dual core A5 processor at about 1GHz each, quite close to the Samsung Galaxy SII and at par with the Motorola Droid Bionic.